Deep-rooted in Nature, Ciel d’Azur, for Sure, it’s Pure!

Ciel d’Azur Labs, a company with high environmental objectives

At the heart of Haute Provence On the Route des Saveurs et Senteurs ('Route of Scents and Flavours')

We decided to relocate to Mane, near Forcalquier, at the heart of the Provence region and right on the Route des Saveurs et Senteurs, back in 2014.
As a 2017 BDM (‘Sustainable Mediterranean Building’) Gold Award winner, our building meets stringent ecological standards and generates no greenhouse gas emissions since it does not involve any combustion, either for heating or production purposes.

BDM ('Sustainable Mediterranean Building') Gold Award winner

All aspects of the building were designed to achieve certain environmental standards as part of a meaningful social approach that also ensures a high level of comfort inside the factory. Note, for example, that the site is perfectly positioned to be south-west-facing, backing on to the hill so that part of the factory (the storage area) could be built into the hillside and therefore naturally and economically climate-controlled.

<strong>BDM</strong> ('Sustainable Mediterranean Building')
More about the building A highly-efficient eco-friendly construction!

Our roof is equipped with a calorie production and circulation loop designed to produce hot water for the production floor. This system is identical to the greenhouse system.

Solar panels harness free energy from the sun and produce electricity to power the site, making solar panels an economical, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. The roof of the Ciel d’Azur plant comprises som 497m2 of solar panels generating 94kWh, i.e. approximately 30% of its consumption.


The Smartflower

Just like a sunflower, the Smartflower fully extends when the sun comes up and automatically turns to face the sun. It then starts producing electricity thanks to its twelve petals made up of solar panels, which always span out at an angle of 90° to the sun, regardless of the season. This enables it to optimise its production and increase the yield by 40% compared to a conventional solar system.

This innovative, stylish and smart technology attracted the attention of Ciel d’Azur Labs and now stands proudly at the entrance to the site.


Our aloe collection in the greenhouse is heated using four thermal solar panels with a surface area of 12m2, whilst the water supply (three 1000-litre tanks, making a total of 3000L) is heated based on the amount of sunlight available. All of this is controlled from the cabin located behind the greenhouse.

Connected Display panel

The Connected Display panel allows us to view the energy stored by the panels and the amount of CO2 avoided in real time.

<strong>Geothermics</strong> as a source of energy
Geothermics as a source of energy

Geothermal energy involves using heat stored in the subsoil, in water or in the air. The heat naturally present in the Earth’s subsoil represents a terrific source of energy, and the deeper you dig, the hotter it gets. 10 holes have been drilled here to a depth of up to 100m.

The ground is used as storage since it is where we store the cold energy (frigories) that we extract through heating during the winter months and the heat energy (calories) that we extract through cooling during the summer months, to be retrieved later as needed. The 2 heat pumps housed in the boiler room concentrate calories or frigories based on the demands of the offices, the labs and the boiler used for domestic hot water.

Electric vehicle charging points

We currently have 2 charging points onsite providing a total of 4 sockets for recharging electric and/or hybrid vehicles.

<strong>Electric vehicle</strong> charging points
An indoor <strong>living wall</strong>
An indoor living wall

The living wall spans 2 floors and brings a touch of greenery to the entrance of the building.

Our team A pioneer in made In France aloe

Employees are trained in all things organic and are committed to waste management and recycling initiatives. We work daily to guarantee our customers healthy, organic and eco-friendly products.

Our <strong>team</strong>

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