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Closer to Nature, Ciel d’Azur, is Safe & Pure!

Ciel d’Azur Labs, a company with high environmental commitments

In the heart of Haute Provence On the Road of "Saveurs et Senteurs" (Scent and Flavours)

Since June of 2014 we have chosen to move at the heart of Provence, in Mane near Forcalquier, on the «Route des Saveurs et Senteurs».
Our building is an efficient eco-friendly building (2017 Gold Medal from BDM – Mediterranean Sustainable Building), with no greenhouse gas emissions since it does not emit any combustion, neither for heating nor for the manufacture of our products.

Our building won the Golden Medal Bâtiment Durable Méditerrannéen

The whole building was designed to respect the environment. A real choice of society and comfort of life inside the factory: everything has been planned with a qualitative environmental objective.
For example the terrain is perfectly South-West oriented! Its leaning against the hill has allowed us to bury a part of the plant (storage) in order to benefit from a natural and economical regulation. 

Our building won the <strong>Golden Medal</strong>
The building in details A high-performance eco-friendly building!
Roof section

Calorie production and circulation circuit. The purpose is to produce hot water for the production room. The system is identical to the greenhouse model.

Photovoltaic panels capture free energy from the sun. This electricity production is used internally. Photovoltaic panels are therefore an economical, eco-friendly and profitable solution. The Ciel d’Azur roof is composed of 497m2 of photovoltaic panels producing 94kWh, or about 30% of our consumption.

Parking section

At sunrise, like a sunflower, the Smart Flower unfolds fully and orients itself automatically facing the sun. It then begins to produce electricity thanks to its twelve petals composed of photovoltaic panels.
The range of its petals is always at an angle of 90° to the sun, whatever the season.
This technology makes it possible to optimize production by increasing efficiency by 40% compared to a conventional photovoltaic installation.
This innovative, stylish and intelligent technology has caught the attention of Ciel d’Azur Labs and now stands at the front of the company’s building.

Greenhouse section

Our collection of aloes in the greenhouse is heated (when needed) by 4 thermal solar panels with a surface area of 12m², the water reserve (3 underground tanks of 1000 litres, i. e. 3000 litres) is heated according to the amount of sunlight. All the regulation is located in the shed behind the greenhouse.

Connected display panel

This connected display panel allows to visualize in real time the energy accumulated by the photovoltaic panels and the CO2 avoided.

<strong>Geothermics</strong> a source of energy
Geothermics a source of energy

Geothermal energy is the use of heat stored in the ground, water or air. The heat naturally present in the earth’s subsoil is a tremendous source of energy. The deeper you dig, the higher the temperatures you reach. 10 holes were drilled to a depth of 100 metres.

The ground is used as storage as in winter we store the frigories that we release when we heat, and in summer we store the calories that we release with the cooling and which will thus be recovered in winter! The 2 heat pumps (PAC) located in the heating room concentrate calories or frigories according to the needs of offices, laboratories and the water heater dedicated to domestic hot water.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

To date we have 2 terminals in place, i.e. 4 sockets to recharge electric and/or hybrid vehicles.

Charging stations for <strong>electric vehicles</strong>
An inside <strong>green wall</strong>
An inside green wall

The green wall is spread over 2 floors and brings a touch of greenery to the entrance of the building.

Our team Pioneer of Aloe made In France

Employees are trained to the world of Organic and are involved in waste management and recycling. Every day our company works to guarantee its customers healthy, organic and ecological products.

Our <strong>team</strong>