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What is Aloe?
What is Aloe?

Aloe vera is a lily that grows in tropical countries. When you cut a leaf, you discover a fleshy pulp that allows the plant to survive long periods of drought and is endowed with an amazing therapeutic richness.

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In Mexico Fair Trade

Pur’Aloé works in collaboration with Mexican farmers according to the “OperAequa” Fair Trade charter for the supply of certified organic raw materials. The application of the requirements is regularly verified in the field by the certifying body “Bioagricoop”.

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In France Research & Development

All our products are designed and manufactured in France, in our Research & Development laboratory in Mane en Provence.

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All our finished products are certified for both food and cosmetics

Once filtered and purified, the aloe vera is transformed into 2 products:

  • Drinking juices and gels for cures that are packaged on our dedicated lines.
  • An extract for the manufacture of cosmetics thanks to our high-performance machines.
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Internal use
Food supplements & Organic Juices
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External use
Cosmetics in Cosmébio
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