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In Mexico

Farming in Mexico

Our Aloe vera is grown in accordance with Agriculture Biologique organic farming standards that guarantee the following:


– A high level of nutritional components such as vitamins, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and polysaccharides.


– Monitoring of heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides residues, glycoalkaloids and water quality (nitrates, etc.).


– Greater water retention capacity, making crops more resistant to drought.


– Samples taken from the fields to verify the absence of any products prohibited by the specifications.

Pur'Aloe - culture au Mexique

Manual harvesting

This helps to protect the plant, which will take several years to reach maturity.


– Only mature leaves are harvested, and these are carefully removed from the circular rosette that they form.


– A clean cut is made at the base of the leaf to allow the sap to run and the leaf to heal quickly.


– Only 2 or 3 leaves are taken from each plant at each harvest.

Manual pulp extraction

The raw material, the pulp, is produced by manually ‘filleting’ the leaf harvested from the producers’ fields close to the extraction room, thus protecting the rich polysaccharides — the natural components of aloe vera that give it its properties — which it contains.

Pur'Aloe - au Mexique la récolte à la main

Fair Trade

Pur’Aloé works in conjunction with Mexican farmers in accordance with the fair trade charter for the supply of the certified organic raw material. Certifying body performs regular checks on the ground to ensure that the relevant requirements are being adhered to.



Why choose Fair Trade?
– Opportunity for producers who are penalised by the conventional trading system
– Transparency of business relations
– Independence for small-scale producers through continuity of trade relations
– Promotion of fair trade by raising awareness among customers of the injustices involved
– Payment of a fair price determined based on dialogue (we also pay a bonus that is not required in this context)
– Gender equality: valuing women’s work and women’s presence in governing roles
– Working conditions: a healthy and safe environment
– Child labour: compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

– The environment: adoption of responsible production methods

– Trade relations must take social, economic and environmental well-being into account.


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