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Manufacturing process in France

The manufacturing process

The raw material is not heated to preserve the active ingredients. It is kept in different refrigerated tanks. Different stages of filtration then make it possible to eliminate aloin, which is an undesirable and regulated component.
All these operations are carried out in accordance with the latest standards in force, including HACCP (Analysis and Control of Critical Points) for food and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for cosmetics.
At each stage of manufacturing, our microbiology & physico-chemistry laboratories carry out quality analyses.
Then all our finished products are certified by Ecocert both for food (according to the AB charter) and cosmetics (in compliance with the Cosmébio charter and the Ecocert standard).

We do not use concentrated powder for the manufacture of our products, so they are LIVING to guarantee an effective therapeutic effect.

Once filtered and purified Aloe is transformed into 2 product
  • Drinking juices and gels for cures that are packaged on our dedicated lines.
  • The extract for the manufacture of cosmetics thanks to our high-performance machines.
Once <strong>filtered</strong> and <strong>purified</strong>
<strong>NATIVE Aloe</strong> only!
NATIVE Aloe only!

We only use Organic and Fair Trade Aloe Vera pulp for the manufacturing of our products and not dehydrated Aloe Vera powder as it is generally the case.
Our “Native Aloe” logo is indicated on our products.

We introduce a high proportion of our Aloe Vera in our finished products.

For example, for our cosmetics, the percentage of organic and fair trade aloe goes up to 98%!

Our equipment dedicated to aloe is unique in France. We control the process from the source to the end product.

In order to advance research into the implementation of Aloe Vera, Ciel d’Azur Labs works in collaboration with universities to research and develop technical means to preserve the qualities of the original plant as much as possible.

All our cosmetics are made in our laboratories from Native Aloe vera and not powder.

All our products are formulated WITHOUT SULFATES and WITHOUT PALM OIL.