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Clay - Our products
Shampooings - argile & eau thermale

Hair care

with clay and thermal water:


Scalp and hair care
Deep cleansing
Regulate excess sebum
Protects and soothes the scalp

Dental care

Toothpaste with clay and thermal water:


Relieve gums
• Clean and protect teeth



6 flavours available:
– Aniseed (digestive)
– Lemon (firming)
– Mint (refreshing)
– Rosemary (cleansing)
– Sage (tonic)
– Thyme (stimulating) 

Denticlay - argile & eau thermale
Masque beauté visage - argile & eau thermale

Face care

Beauty face mask with clay and thermal water:


Purifying and soothing
• Nourishes and protects the skin
• No drying sensation after use


Ready to use clay paste

mask with clay and thermal water:


• A thermal cure at home

Relieves various ailments: back pain, arthritis and rheumatism

Argile & Eau Thermale - Pâtes prête à l'emploi

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