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Native Aloe

All our products are made from native Aloe juice and not from powder as is too commonly done.

See Commitment #2.


Without any animal products or by-products.

No Added Water

No water added during the manufacturing process.

(Some ingredients that are essential to the development of the product may contain water for technical reasons).

See also Commitment #2

Sulfate Free

As the sulfates contained in conventional washing bases can be very irritating to the skin, eyes and hair, we have chosen not to use them in all Pur’Aloé products.

Palm oil free

Our ethics and our reforestation initiatives through Noé association prevent us from using palm oil in our products.

Fair Trade

For the supply of its raw material, Pur’Aloé works in collaboration with farmers according to the Fair Trade charter whose main principals are: 

Better remunerations for the producers and continuity in the commercial relations. 

Respect for the fundamental rights of producers and workers. 

Preservation of the environment

CO2 offset

To offset the carbon footprint of our activity, we plant trees through approved associations.

Sugar cane tubes

Bio-sourced, this material has the advantage of a good carbon balance as CO2 is bound during the growth of the plant

– Unlike petroleum, whose resources are running out, sugar cane is rapidly renewable

– Crops that require little water and are often grown on former pastures. They even contribute to the re-vegetation of these lands. No risk of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest which is 2,000 km further north. 

– The polyethylene made from sugar cane is identical to that obtained from oil. It does not require a specific recycling channel

"PET" made from 100% recycled "PET"

Recycled PET (polyethylene) has the advantage of reducing the production of virgin PET and thus also reduces the saturation of plastic in nature.

This recycled PET generates 17 times less CO2 emissions than virgin PET obtained from oil.


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