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Organic aloe & clay-based products

Deep-rooted in Nature, Ciel d’Azur, for Sure, it’s Pure!

Ciel d’Azur was founded in 1984 out of a desire to offer an alternative to products containing just too many synthetic ingredients, which seemed to be taking over our lives and having certain consequences that we have now become very much aware of in termes of public health.

Our background
Our organic products ranges Ciel d'Azur Labs has developed two ranges of organic products - one aloe-based, the other medicinal clay.
Our craft & our commitments Organic products designed to reflect a global ecological and societal commitment
1. Ethical farming and cultivation

We use only Organic and fairly traded ingredients.

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2. Ethical facilites

A state-of-the-art eco-friendly building featuring
bio-sourced materials, natural air-conditioning and no smoke emission.

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3. Ethical energy usage

We have 500m2 of photovoltaic panel making us around 30% electrically self-sufficient.
Over 220 tons of CO2 avoided to date.

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4. Ethical social practices

A minimum wage above French national minimum and training in the principles of organic farming provided for our employees.

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5. Ethical manufacturing

Native Aloe: up to 98% in Cosmetics, over 99% in drinking products, with no added water.

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6. Ethical sales

No mass distribution (supermarkets or hypermarkets) and no exports to certain countries.

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7. Ethical environmental practices

Contribution to 1% For The Planet network.
Plantation of 25.000 trees in Ivory Coast in 2020 and 12.000 trees in Sumatra in 2019 to offset carbon footprint of transporting raw materials and packaging.

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8. Ethical Packaging

Ciel d’Azur Labs is aware of the enormous impact of plastic packaging on the environment in general and on the oceans in particular.
We have therefore decided to use the materials we consider the most eco-friendly at this day.

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