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Our commitments #3

Commitment #3:
Ethical packaging

Ciel d’Azur Labs is well aware of the tremendous impact of plastic packaging on the environment in general and on the oceans in specific.
We have therefore decided to use the materials that we consider to be the most eco-responsible to date:

Polyethylene made of sugar cane for our tubes. 

  – Bio-sourced, this material has the benefit of a good carbon footprint as CO2 is fixes during the growth of the plant.

While for 1 kilo of PE from oil there are about 2 kilos of CO2 released into the atmosphere, 3 kilos are fixed in the soil by the cultivation of the sugar cane.

  – Unlike oil, which takes millions of years to form and whose deposits are depleting, sugar cane is rapidly renewable. It represents only 0.02% of the cultivable land in Brazil, the main sugarcane producing country. 

  – These crops, which require little water, are often grown on former pastures and event contributes to the revegetation of these lands. There is also no risk of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, which lies 2,000 km to the north. 

  – Finally, this PE from sugar cane is identical to that obtained from oil. It therefore does not require any specific recycling channel.


  • 100% recycled PET (polyethylene) for our bottles.

  – Has the advantage of reducing the production of virgin PET and thus reducing the saturation of plastic in nature. 

  – This recycled PET generates 17 times less CO2 emissions than virgin PET obtained from oil. 


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