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Pur'Aloé - Our choices

Native aloe only!

We use only organic and fairly traded aloe pulp to manufacture our products rather than dehydrated aloe powder, as is usually the case.
Our products bear our ‘Native Aloe’ logo.



We add a high proportion of our native aloe to our finished products, with our cosmetics, for example, containing at least 32% and up to 98% organic and fairly traded aloe!
Our aloe processing facility is the only one of its kind in France and we control every aspect of the chain, from source to finished product.



In order to advance research into the use of native aloe, Ciel d’Azur Labs is working in conjunction with various universities for the purposes of researching and developing technical means of maintaining as many of the properties of the original plant as possible.


All our cosmetics are made in our laboratories from aloe vera gel rather than powder.

They contain 20-98% Native Aloe and are SULPHATE-FREE and PALM OIL-FREE!

Our Certifed Organic cosmetics

non heated aloe extracts

We ensure that the aloe vera extract we produce onsite maintains its original properties by not heating it. It is processed and stored at a controlled temperature of 4°C.

Sulfate free

The sulfates contained in conventional cleansing bases can be very irritating to the skin, eyes and hair, so we have chosen not to use them in our products.

logo sans sulfate

More Organic

The Cosmebio charter requires cosmetics products to be at least 10% organic whilst the Cosmos Organic charter requires them to be at least 20% organic. 

We don’t believe this percentage is high enough and therefore ensure that our products are between 2 and 5 times more organic!

Logo Cosmos Organic

Our Certified Organic Drinking Juices & Gels

In glass bottles

 Prevents migration from product to packaging

• Efficient recycling

• Total & unlimited recycling

• 10 tons less plastic to recycle per year

• Optimal product preservation

Pur'Aloé - Nos produits à usage interne

Aloïn in trace amounts

Aloin content is limited to less than 0.00001%, i.e. traces, in accordance with the relevant beverage regulations.

Flash pasteurisation

We pasteurise our drinking products so that they keep at their best for 3 yearswithout the need to take any further measures to protect them.

More details: HealthLink BC

Fair Trade "Fair For Life"

We work in conjunction with farmers, in accordance with the Fair Trade charter to obtain the raw material.


Certifying body performs regular checks on the ground to ensure that the relevant requirements are being adhered to.

Our hand-picked aloe vera is grown in accordance with organic farming standards to protect all the active components of the plant, ensure the absence of heavy metals and pesticides and monitor water quality.


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