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Our commitments

Organic products for a global, ecological and social commitment

Respecting the environment and human beings is the approach of the founders of Organic Farming.
For Ciel d’Azur LABS, it goes from the growing of raw materials to the final product.

1. Ethics of Plant Farming
  • Fair Trade
1. Ethics of <strong>Plant Farming</strong>
2. Ethics of the <strong>Facilites</strong>
2. Ethics of the Facilites
  •  Eco-friendly building:
    • Bio-sourced materials
    • Natural air-conditioning
    • No harmful fumes emissions
3. Ethics of <strong>Energy</strong>
3. Ethics of Energy
  • 497m2 of photovoltaic panels: 
    • about 30% of electrical self-sufficiency 
    • close to 140T of CO2 avoided to this day 
  • Thermal panels for hot water in manufacturing processes 
  • Thermal panels to heat the greenhouse aloe collection 
  • Green electricity supplier Enercoop 
4. Ethics of Products development & manufacturing
  • REAL Aloe: up to 98% in cosmetics, over 99% in drinking products
  • No added water
  • No harmfull components:
    • for environment, such as palm oil (deforestation)
    • for consumers, such as sulfates (skin irritation)
    • for animals, such as those of animal origin
  • No over-packaging
4. Ethics of <strong>Products</strong> development & manufacturing
5. <strong>Social</strong> Ethics
5. Social Ethics
  • Wages for employees above the minimum wage
  • Training in organic principles for employees
6. Ethics of the Sales
  • No wholesales distribution
  • No export in countries with mandatory animal testing (e.g. China) or with mandatory over-packaging (e.g. Japan)
  • Contribution to 1% For The Planet network
6. Ethics of the <strong>Sales</strong>
70 660€ cumulated for the Planet in 2019 67,685€ distributed for the Planet in 2018
1% of annual turnover

1% For The Planet is a network of companies committed to donating 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofit partners.

1800+ members

In March 2018, Pur’Aloé joined 1% For The Planet network. At this day, 1% For The Planet has 1800+ members in more than 45 countries.

Contributing to change

What they have in common is the awareness that the business world is in part responsible for the current environmental crisis and a ferocious will to contribute to change.

7. Ethics of the <strong>Environnment</strong>
7. Ethics of the Environnment
  • Planting 12,000 trees in Sumatra in 2019 to offset the carbon footprint of our activity.

As a recipient for our annual 1% For The Planet donation, we have chosen to give 90% of the sum to  SOS Orangutans (Sumatran Orangutan Society), an association which particularly works in the North of Sumatra Island (Indonesia) and has retained our attention by its program:

    1. Reforestation (Indonesia has the fastest rate of deforestation in the world: half of Sumatra’s forests have been destroyed in just 20 years!) 
    2. Protection and reintegration of orangutans into their natural habitat 
    3. Support to local populations 
    4. Preventing poaching and illegal animal trade.

After a vote with the employees, the remaining 10% were given to “Terre d’Abeilles