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Our commitments

The role of organic products in global, ecological and social responsibility

The founders of the BIO organic certification based their approach on respect for both the environment and mankind.
In the case of Ciel d’Azur LABS, this ethos governs everything from the cultivation of the raw materials through to the finished product.

1. Ethical farming and cultivation
  • Organic
  • Fairly traded
1. Ethical <strong>farming and cultivation</strong>
2. Ethical <strong>Facilites</strong>
2. Ethical Facilites
  •  Eco-friendly building:
    • Bio-sourced materials
    • Natural air-conditioning
    • No harmful smokes emissions
3. Ethical <strong>energy usage</strong>
3. Ethical energy usage
  • 500m2 of solar panels: 
    • around 30% electrically self-sufficient 
    • over 230 tonnes of CO2 avoided to date 
  • Thermal panels to generate hot water for production
  • Thermal panels to heat the aloe greenhouse aloe 
  • Green electricity supplier – Enercoop 
4. Ethical manufacturing and product development
  • Native aloe: up to 98% in cosmetics and over 99% in drinking products
  • No added water
  • No substances that are harmfull:
    • to the environment, such as palm oil (deforestation)
    • to consumers, such as sulphates (skin irritation)
    • to animals, such as ingredients of animal origin
  • No outer-wrapping
4. Ethical <strong>manufacturing</strong> and product development
5. Ethical <strong>social practices</strong>
5. Ethical social practices
  • Minimum wages above the national minimum
  • Employees trained in the principles of organic farming
6. Ethical Sales
  • No supermarkets or hypermarkets
  • No export to countries that require animal testing (such as China) or mandatory outer-wrapping (such as Japan)
  • Contribution to 1% For The Planet network
6. Ethical <strong>Sales</strong>
70 660€ raised for the Planet in 2019 67,685€ donated for the Planet in 2018
1% of turnover

1% For The Planet is a network of companies that have committed to donating 1% of their turnover to organisations dedicated to protecting the environment.

Nearly 1,300 member companies

Pur’Aloé joined 1% for the Planet in March 2018. The movement currently has over 1,300 member companies in almost 40 countries.

Contributing to change

What these companies all have in common is an awareness that the world of business is partially responsible for the current environmental crisis and therefore share a strong urge to bring about change.

7. Ethical <strong>environnmental practices</strong>
7. Ethical environnmental practices
  • Planting 12,000 trees in Sumatra in 2019 to offset the carbon footprint of our operations
  • Planting of 25,000 trees in Côte d’Ivoire in 2020 to offset the carbon footprint of our operations.