Haircare Shampoing & Baume démêlant (Shampoo & Detangling Balm)

Clay has traditionally been used for haircare since ancient times.

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Dental care Dentifrice à l’argile (Clay Toothpaste)

Clay is particularly recommended for use in toothpaste because it has a number of very beneficial effects on the oral environment.

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Dental care
Clay-based products
Clay-based products Dry clay & clay pastes

We offer 2 types of medicinal clay – a montmorillonite-type green clay and a ventilated white clay -, as well as a ready-to-use clay paste.

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Facial skincare Masque de beauté à la Spiruline et à l’Argile (Spirulina and Clay Beauty Mask)

White clay absorbs impurities and excess sebum to perfectly cleanse your skin. Spirulina is a source of trace elements and minerals that facilitate cell regeneration and tone the tissue.

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Facial skincare

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