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News from Noé association

News from Noé association

Assessment of reforestation actions in the Atewa landscape 
(Ghana) as of July 1st, 2021


Ciel d’Azur Labs is providing financial support to Noé and A rocha for the reforestation of 35,000 trees during the rainy season, which began in June 2021. 

The objective is to make an initial assessment of the reforestation activities following the start of the reforestation campaign.

Agro-foresterie dans les communautés locales ©WAPCA

Choice of the selected species


In order to multiply the seedlings and achieve the expected results, several nurseries have been set up, one of which currently has 50,000 seedlings (see photo below) from 3 main species: Ofram, Emeri and Mahogany which are used in different ways:


– The species chosen are those that can be planted in the numerous cocoa plantations in the Atewa area, providing the necessary shade for the cocoa trees through their canopy, thus limiting the effects of climate change and enhancing biodiversity in the plantations. These species can also be used for timber after several years of growth. The populations have therefore integrated it perfectly into their exploitation scheme (with the idea of replanting as soon as a tree is cut).


– These species are also replanted on abandoned mining sites with the idea of establishing species that in the medium term can be used sustainably by the populations.


– Lastly, these species are also planted along watercourses to control bank erosion.

Cacao sous Ofram
Plantation d'arbre - Noé

Preparing for Green Ghana Day: stakeholder commitments and selected species

Friday 11, June 2021 marked the first edition of the national tree planting exercise dubbed “Green Ghana Day”, spearheaded by the Ministry of Environment.

Noé and A Rocha Ghana joined in this operation, on the Atewa landscape, which coincided with the start of the rainy season, essential for reforestation operations.


Noé and A Rocha Ghana, in collaboration with the Forestry Commission and at the initiative of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, distributed several species of plants from their nurseries, locally adapted as Emire, Ofram and Mahogany to seven communities (Amanfrom, Apapam, Anhwenease, Adukrom, Asikam, Asiakwa and Owuratwum), seven schools (Sagyimaase M/A, SOS, Asikam Presby, Adukrom M/A, Larbikrom M/A, SSTEPS, Anhwenease M/A), and an eco-park (Bunso Eco park) around the Atewa forest landscape. 

This free distribution took place on Tuesday 8 June 2021, two days before the planting exercise.

Planting day

On 11 June 2021, dozens of volunteers from the participating communities, members of the A Rocha Ghana team from Accra, and partners such as IUCN and Noé, joined the team for the planting day. The exercise began at the pre-determined sites at 7am[1]. 

In Amanfrom, two A Rocha officials, as well as an official from the Noé organisation, were present to supervise, monitor and participate in the planting of the trees.


Bunso Eco Park, SSTEPS (and the Asiakwa community) and Anhwenease M/A were each attended by an A Rocha official. The officials were present to guide the community members in planting the 100, 450 and 50 seedlings delivered respectively. 

For the Adukrom community, an A Rocha representative was present while six community volunteers comprising three women and three men cleared the designated area and planted the majority of the 300 seedlings handed over to them.

After four hours of continuous planting, the heat of the sun proved to be a formidable force. Some communities had planted all the seedlings they had been given. For those that had not finished, such as Adukrom, plans were made to finish planting in the morning of the following day. Internal complications prevented one school from carrying out the planting exercise on 11 June 2021. 

However, they have communicated plans to carry out the planting exercise at a later date to be supervised by A Rocha.




[1] These are mainly areas that have been degraded due to mining activities, with some agricultural land and illegal logging.


The Green Ghana Day tree planting exercise was considered an overall success, as it not only laid the foundation for a greener future for the residents of Atewa Forest and all Ghanaians, but also allowed A Rocha and Noé to advocate for ecosystem services and climate change while encouraging community engagement.  

Operations will continue throughout the rainy season.


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