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Organic cosmetics, why?

Organic Cosmetics

Organic components have an all-important role to play as they avoid side-effects and guarantee healthy and harmonious assimilation.

So it would not be very surprising to have an unpleasant surprise after years of applying conventional cosmetics on our skin. The same goes for the environmental impact of the manufacturing process (effluents) and release after use (shampoos & cleansing products for example). Because they use the balanced and inimitable complexity of natural materials, Organically certified products are a guarantee of respect for human beings and their environment!

Organic Cosmetics
Respect for Human Being
Respect for Human Being

In addition to being free from chemical and polluting substances (pesticides, synthetic chemical fertilizers, GMOs, etc.) during its cultivation, the organically certified cosmetic product is extremely rich and contains a wide variety of active ingredients.

Traceability and safety

Conventional cosmetics are not controlled by third-party bodies and manufacturers therefore take liberties which are not always quality-oriented or in the interests of consumers… Compositions are written in lower-case and in a language not understood by the general public, and the product boasts a content of such and such a natural extract when most of the time it actually only contains very little or none of it.

Organically certified cosmetology, on the other hand, is strictly controlled by bodies such as Ecocert or Qualité France both at the level of the ingredients and the labels. This makes it possible to ensure the traceability of the ingredients, the manufacturing processes, to guarantee the authenticity and quantity of Organic ingredients used and to show it clearly on the label.

Traceability and safety
Environmental conservation

Organic farming is a production method which respects biodiversity and natural balances. By using Organically certified products you are actively supporting this agricultural practice, are acting in favour of the restoration of the quality of water, soils and the air and are proportionally reducing petrochemical production!

The richness of Organic certified products

Nature offers us an extremely wide variety of ingredients, and each ingredient, whether vegetable or mineral, has multiple and very specific properties. This natural diversity enables the formulation of a considerable range of efficient products which respect the balances of Nature and our bodies.

The richness of Organic
certified products
Animals protection

Animal extracts are forbidden in Organically certified cosmetics. Only the ingredients from animal production are authorized (solely those which have no effect on the animals’ health, for example, honey).

Conventional cosmetics

For economic reasons, the ingredients used in conventional cosmetics are synthetic molecules elaborated from petroleum. Cultivation, harvesting and extraction of the active ingredients from plants is costly, so a simple « copy » is made of them using industrial processes. However, these copies represent an element of danger as they are actually not very faithful to Nature’s creations which are too complex to be reproduced cheaply. So finally these copies are only caricatures which do not include all of the components of the natural product.