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Why choose certified organic cosmetics? - Ciel d'Azur

More about organic cosmetics

La cosmétique BIO en détails
Organic cosmetics

Organic components play a key role since they prevent side effects and ensure healthy and balanced absorption by the body, so it’s not unusual for there to be the odd unpleasant surprise after years of applying conventional cosmetics to our skin. The same applies to the environmental consequences of the manufacturing process (sewage) and disposal after use (e.g. shampoos & washing products). Certified organic products are a sign of respect for both mankind and its environment since they are based on the balanced and inimitable complexity of natural materials.

Organic cosmetics
Respect Mankind
Respect Mankind

As well as not involving the use of any chemical or pollutant substances (pesticides, synthetic chemical fertilisers, GMOs, etc.) during the cultivation period, certified organic cosmetic products offer a whole range of benefits and contain a wide variety of active ingredients.

Traceability and safety

Conventional cosmetics are not monitored by any third-party organisation, meaning that manufacturers can take certain liberties that can be detrimental to quality and not in the interest of the user. Ingredients and composition can be written in tiny font and using language that your average member of the public is unlikely to understand.

Certified organic cosmetology, meanwhile, is subject to stringent control by organisations such as Ecocert and Qualité France in terms of both ingredients and labelling, ensuring that both the ingredients and the manufacturing processes used are traceable.

Traceability and safety
Protecting the environment
Protecting the environment

Organic farming methods respect biodiversity and natural balances. By choosing certified organic products, you are actively supporting such agricultural practices, helping to promote better water, soil and air quality and equally reducing the production of petrochemicals!

The diversity of certified organic products

Nature provides us with a very diverse range of ingredients, both plant and mineral, each with multiple and quite specific properties. This natural diversity allows us to formulate a wide range of effective products that respect the balances of both nature and our bodies.

The diversity of certified 
organic products
Animals protection

Animal extracts are prohibited in certified organic cosmetics. Only ingredients produced by animals (i.e. those that have no effect on the health of the animal, such as honey) are permitted.
Ciel d’Azur Labs has chosen not to use any ingredients produced by animals in its products.

Conventional cosmetics

The ingredients used in conventional cosmetics are synthetic molecules made from petroleum for economic reasons. The cultivation, harvesting and extraction of active ingredients from plants is expensive, so these steps are simply ‘imitated’ using industrial processes. These ‘imitations’, however, are not always safe because in reality they are not very faithful to their supposed natural counterparts, which are too complex to be reproduced at a low cost. The imitations are ultimately merely caricatures of the real thing that omit those components that are only present in small quantities.


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